The PATHThe Path Updated

It is the mission and vision of Galilee to Advance the Gospel, Make disciples, and Serve everybody.  How we accomplish that mission and vision is through a discipleship process called The Path.  Our heart is not to simply make more members who just attend our church, but to make disciples who passionately follow Jesus living out His mission in their daily lives. Faith is a journey with different stops along the way. At Galilee, we have designed our church around four simple ideas that help guide people along their faith journey. The Path is a simple and reproducible process where we guide people from discovering their faith in Christ to leading another person to discover their own faith.

The 4 Stops Along The PATH:

We will lead people to discover Christ and His Church. The first stop along the Path is to help people come to faith in Christ then plug them into the local church.
Our quarterly Discovering Galilee class is the place to begin.   Send an email to to reserve your place.  Learn more about Discovering Galilee below.
We will connect Christ followers to other disciples. The second step along our path is to help people find a small group within our church such as a Sunday School class or LifeGroup study fellowship.
If you would like to know more about LifeGroups or Sunday School please click here.
We will equip disciples to serve our church, our community and our world.  The next stop on the Galilee path is to start to be a productive family member by finding a place to help us carry out our mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Service opportunities change frequently; so keep an eye on your Connect Card or the local outreach page for service opportunities.
We will train disciples to make more. The final stop along the Path is to train disciples to help others discover their own faith in Christ and connect them to the local church.  We regularly offer training seminars and LifeGroups that are geared to help followers of Jesus think about those in their life who don’t know Jesus and give them a practical way to share the good news of Jesus.
Discovering Galilee Logo
Have you been coming recently to Galilee and you want to learn more about us? Or, maybe you’ve been a part of our family for quite some time and have some questions.
Discovering Galilee is for you!  You are welcome to participate even if you are not an active attendee or a church member.  Let us help you find the answers to any questions you may have about making Galilee your church home.
Stay following Sunday services for a free meal and a 2 hour session that will help you discover God’s wonderful family called Galilee!
Email for all the information.
Our Next Discovering Galilee class will be held on Sunday, April 30. Sign-up here.
Making Disciples Level 1 & 2
When training people to share their faith, we teach them what we call the 4 G’s.  The 4 G’s are:  go, gospel, grow and Galilee.  We teach these in two training classes that we offer on a regular basis.
Making Disciples Level 1 Making Disciples Training Logo Lvl 1
Making Disciples Level 1 is a 3 hour seminar that we offer once a quarter.  In this first seminar we teach the first 2 G’s, go and gospel.  During this training, we will help you see yourself as a missionary and help you examine your network of relationships to identify those who need to hear the good news of Jesus.  We then teach you a simple, practical and organic way to share your faith with those you have identified.
Making Disciples Level 2Making Disciples Training Logo Lvl 2
Making Disciples Level 2 is a training taught in a small group environment where we teach the next 2 G’s, grow and Galilee. In this training, we help equip you to lead a simple Bible study that will guide those new believers through the first parts of their faith journey.  We then use this as a way to teach people how to introduce others to what it means to be a part of a church like Galilee.  
Would you like to learn more about our Making Disciples training?  Please Contact Us.